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Our vision is Green.
Our mission is to Renew, Restore and Regenerate.
Our Focus is Energy and Environment.

About Us

Sharaf Energy Systems specializes in electrical engineering and renewable green energy consulting company, established in 1985 in the Province of New Brunswick, Canada by Professor Dr. Adel M.  Sharaf.
The Engineering Consulting, Project Management, and Prototyping, Research & Development Company serves different clients, including both Utilities and Government Agencies (National and International), in the fieldsof Green Energy and Power System facets, including Control, Protection, Operation, Planning, PowerQuality, Harmonics Interference, Energy Efficiency/Storage/Energy Auditing/DSM and Energy Management Technologies and Pollution Abatement Environmental Systems.
TheCompanycan carry out Electrical Design and Assessment Studies and can complete a project from the Feasibility and Conceptual Studyphase through to start-up and commissioning.
Dr Sharaf has more than 42 years experience with Electric Utilities, both in Canada and Abroad, inall the aforementioned aspects of Power/Renewable Energy Systems Design, Planning and Operation, along with Energy Auditing/DSM and Power Quality Studies. His extensive experience is founded on his ability to provide electrical engineering services for Power System industries and Electric Utilities and efficient utilization ofelectrical energy including Solar, Wind, Fuel Cell, Micro Gas Turbines, Small Hydro and Hybrid integrated Smart Grid Systems Utilization and Interfacing projects in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner.
The main objectiveof this company is to provide competitive and quality Engineering Servicesto Clients in all fields of Power Systemsand Green Energy systems.Utilizing SharafEnergy systems, Incorporated expertise for your projectswill ensure that you obtain full professional services and client satisfaction with established deliverables, all with a service guaranty.
The professional team provides flexibleand timely technical services and will produce cost effective results. The team players will work with the client on problem solving and help them to achieve their business and technical goals
SES Inc. is also actively engaged in novel Research and Development of Power Systems and Power Quality Efficient Utilization using Static compensation Schemes and Switched Filter-Capacitor Compensators in  efficient Energy Utilization of Smart Grid-Green Energy Interfacing.



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