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Dr. Adel M. Sharaf, SES Inc., Fredericton, NB, Canada

   IEES Inc., Fredericton, NB, Canada



Tested/Validated Prototypes Requires Immediate Patenting:


  1. Smart Electric Power Filters – Power Quality Enhancement


  1. Smart Electric Energy Misers (EM) – Electrical Energy Savings


  1. GermControl Unit (AQUAPUPRE) – Germicidal / Disinfectant / Sterilization


(3.a)   Portable Water Systems

(3.b)   Milk Sterilization

(3.c)   Aqua Culture



Ready for Testing:


  1. Fuel Misers (FM) (4 Version Devices)  {Fuel Savings Gasoline, Diesel, NG}


  1. Zeolite Mufflers (ZM)  (2 Versions)   {Gaseous Emission Control, Odor Control, Mufflers, Air Filtration}



Medical Devices:


  1. Surgical Sterilization / Disinfecting Systems


  1. Magi-Belt: Weight Loss


  1. Diabetic Blood Circulation / Anti – Clotting – Thrombosis – Free Systems


  1. Painless EM/ES Acupuncture Pain Relieve Systems



New Inventions:


  1. Rodent Small Targets Animals Repeller (R-Repel)- Repel


(10.a)   Household, Agriculture, Greenhouses, Aquaculture, Forestry, Grain Storage, Food Processing, Warehouse, Road/Highway Safety

(10.b)   Highway Animal EM/US – Electromagnetic/Ultrasonic Repeller Systems


  1. Termite Repeller System (Termites / Ants) Residential / Commercial Use



  • Houses

  • Wood Structures

  • Forestry

  • Wood Storage Facilities


  1. Sels: Enhance Halogen / Halide / Filament type lighting Fixture Brightness,  Reduce Electrical Energy Smart Efficient Lighting Systems


            (12.a)   DC Version – (Filament Type) Automotive Halide/Halogen/Mercury/Sodium Vapour/Incand

            (12.b)   AC Version (Filament Type, Halide, Halogen, Vapour type, Homes, Street Lighing, Arenas, Highways, Airport Lighting 

List of Inventions 

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