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Scope of Professional Services

Power / Energy Systems Studies: Planning, feasibility Studies, Bid Analysis

Renewable Energy& Green Technology(Wind, Solar-Photovoltaic Systems-PV, Small Hydro, fuel Cell, Hybrid Schemes,..)

Wind Energy-Smart Grid Integration

Solar Energy Utilization in Residential/Commercial/Industrial Loads

Photovoltaic Powered Systems for Smart Grid V2H/V2G Applications

Power System Planning Studies

Electrical Faults and Electrical Coordination Studies

Power Quality Studies

Over-voltage transient Recovery and Arc Flash Studies

Harmonic Mitigation and Power quality Studies

Power Quality& Power Factor Improvement

Capacitor Placement/Sizing and Power Factor Correction

Motor Drive Control System Design

Electrical Systems Troubleshooting

Smart-Grid-Renewable Energy: Security, Reliability and Interface Studies

Feeder Planning, Protection and Control

Switches & Disconnectors

Micro Grid energy utilization

Motor Drives and Electromechanical Systems

AI-Based Soft Computing ENERGY MANAGEMENT: hardware & software


Ground Potential Rise-GPR& Hot Neutral Conditions

Electric Energy Efficiency& Loss Reduction

Power Electronic Devices & FACTS Stabilization

Voltage & Harmonic Instability Studies

Passive & Active Power Filters for Harmonic Mitigation

Negative Sequence and Zero-Sequence Imbalances and Over-Loading Protection

Large Motor Drives: Design and Power Factor Correction

Electrical Wiring & Feeder Planning Studies

Lighting Control and Efficient Drive Systems

Energy Efficiency and Efficient Utilization Technologies

Research & Development Studies in Power/Renewable Energy Systems

 Hybrid Green Energy Technology

Smart Grid Energy Management

Intelligent Metering Systems

Micro-grid Integrated Hybrid  PV Photovoltaic/Wind/Fuel Cell  Integrated DC/AC Systems

Computerized DSM and Energy Saving Devices

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